Thursday, November 23, 2006

Canon Rebel XT Price Drop

Recent reports note that Canon has dropped the Rebel XT MSRP to $599 for the body only and $699 with the kit lens.

An even better deal can be found on today where the Rebel XT is under $530 for the body only and Kit price with 18-55mm lens is under $630. Both deals come with free shipping from Amazon. I paid a cool $1000 for the same kit a year and a half ago!

I imagine that the price drop is in response to Nikon's recent announcement of their new D40 at $600 with lens, which is not yet available . Also, keep in mind that the Canon Rebel XTi is $815 at Amazon - again, free shipping.

I imagine there will be a few of these under some Christmas trees this year at these ridiculous deals. Hmmm? Maybe I need a second body.....

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