Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Nikon D40 at $600 with Lens

It's 6.1 megapixels and comes with a new 18-55mm lens. Photography Blog has the scoop:

The Nikon D40 DSLR is finally here after a number of high-profile leaks and reports by some of the leading photography websites. We’ve resisted the urge to break any embargoes, instead preferring to bring you news of the D40 in full, along with some exclusive product shots from yesterday’s UK press launch in central London. The Nikon D40 is small, light and undeniably cheap at just £449.99/ €679.99 with the new 18-55mm kit lens (it won’t be sold as body-only), but after trying it out, the D40 importantly still retains the usual high Nikon build-quality. The new Nikon D40 will be available from 1st December 2006. Read more . . .

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