Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 Free Prints from Wal-Mart

I don't print from Wal-Mart and don't necessarily recommend it. But if you use it here's 10 free prints to the first taker.

1. Go to Walmart.com/photo/duracell
2. Enter this code: 5P52-4AUV-UP52-UZT9
3. No account? Create one so Wal-Mart can credit it.
4. Add your photos to Walmart.com and order.
5. Redeemed credits will be applied toward your prints at checkout.
6. Place your comment on this post so I can tell folks that the code has been used.
7. Enjoy.

If you're wondering, the code came from a Duracell battery charger. That Canon 420EX of mine really eats the AA's. It'll save the wallet in the long run.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will take the code if it's still available.This post looks old..but I thought I would check and see.

10:27 PM  

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