Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Have Fun!

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I had a blast last Saturday night taking these shots. Most of these were 10 second exposures at f/16 and ISO 100.

The set up is rather simple. Position your camera on a tripod in the rear floorboard of your car. Use a wide lens. I used my kit lens on my Rebel XT at 18mm. Set your camera up for remote shutter release. I used a Canon RC1 wireless remote. Get up some speed in commercial night life area (with plenty of signs and stop lights) and start pressing that shutter release.

Please, don't try to make adjustments when you're moving. Pull into a parking lot or carry along a willing assistant (in the back seat) to make any necessary adjustments. Make a few runs up and down the strip and see what you get.

To really make the image pop, I copied the backgroud layer in Photoshop and added emboss with color burn opacity tuned to roughly 50%. There are plenty of ways to tinker with these shots. Most importantly - have fun!

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