Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Canon DSLR Rumors and Speculations

Take a look at the rumors and specuations on North Light Images for several theories on Canon's new DSLR to be released in August '06. There's also several images (likely photoshopped like the "35D" was prior to release of the 30D) on the site. Also, Bob's got some dirt here. That's all for now.

UPDATE 8/3/06: Looks like the 1Ds II may the camera getting the upgrade. From the North Light Images link above:
Interesting comment received about Canon dealer previews next week. One person has actually made it on to a waiting list for the new 22MP 1Ds - no news of exactly what the camera will be called yet (Mk2 N, Mk3 or whatever). Expect some sizeable leaks by the end of next week :-)

And if you are looking for other improvements see this table, it highlights advantages of the 1Ds MkII N whilst being a comparison between 1D and 1D N

From a Canon site and date stamped 30 Jul 06

And yes, the real big feature is --- Picture Styles. Just what I've always wanted (NOT), but wait, there's more ... you can have user defined filenames too, and with a 2.5 inch display screen, the reasons to buy are just overwhelming. I'd like 22MP for some of my work, but I wanted better ISO, dynamic range, sensor design and all the other bits that may not appear now until next year
More when we have it. . . .


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